Sometimes Even Grad Students Get the Blues (or, link overload)

I’m supposed to be out on the boat today, but there’s a gale warning in Admiralty Inlet and a small craft advisory on Puget Sound.  Tomorrow’s weather looks pretty awful too, thus effectively ruining my sampling plans.  Ah well, sometimes that’s how it goes.  Murphy’s Law and all.  I’ll try again after I get off the Ricker.  For now I’m catching up on my data entry from last week’s acoustics trip (I find typing numbers into a spreadsheet mindnumbingly boring, but it’s a necessary evil.  Listening to music helps).

The campus today is rainy and grey and cold, but I guess that’s what happens when you live in Seattle.

I don’t know if it’s the changed schedule, or the gloomy weather (I doubt I meet the clinical criteria for SAD, but this weather has a definite negative influence on my mood.  No, I haven’t yet pulled out my lightbox.  I keep hoping that summer will return) or just general melancholy, or maybe an overabundance of parenthetical statements in my life, but today I feel blue.  So in an effort to cheer up, I’m catching up on my internet readings.  I’ve got lots of fun & science-y (and some not-so-science-y) things!  And I’ll share!  Here, have some delicious links:

In undergrad, I did a project which involved staring at a lot of fiddler crabs and writing down whether the males were left- or right-handed (clawed?).  It was not nearly as elegantly done as this study about thermoregulation in male fiddler crabs.

Ice cream that changes flavor while you eat it?  We are living in Willy Wonka’s world of pure imagination.  Except it’s real!

Don’t eat deep-sea fish. 

Now I’m concerned over my cat’s ecological pawprint.

Squalamine, a compound found in sharks, fights viruses.

Something that lets me “if this then that” on the internets?  AWESOME.

I’ve been waiting since fourth grade for my invisibility cloak.

Mystery baby jellyfish (AWWWW).

The squid are invading California!

The U.S. military is pushing for alternative energy sources.

Guess who is the new vice-president of the UW student subunit of AFS?  Check out our website; it’s pretty snazzy!

This awesome mug was brought to my attention by @RockyRohde.  I WANT ONE SO BAD.

And finally, your dose of Puget Sound for the week:

Mt. Rainier, shot while sampling last week in South Sound.





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